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Custom Home Magazine National Customer Service Award

Lawson Calhoun wants to shed some light on the mysteries of custom home building, where his clients'  fears fester.Custom Home Magazine Pacesetter Award for Customer Service After almost 30 years of selling and building houses, he's concluded that the most important service he can provide his customers is to make them comfortable with the process. "I think that education about the process is a level of customer service that most builders don't think about," he says. "Buying a house can be a traumatic experience for people—they don't know what to expect or what's expected of them."wood panelled office His solution to the problem is his new "client book," which quite simply gathers in one volume all the bits of information a builder accumulates during the course of building a custom home. Section headings include the schedule, contract, plans, specifications, allowances, and so on through to warranty and insurance. "What it does is demystify the process," he says. "It takes away all the gobbledy-gook." Although more builders are writing customer orientation manuals these days, most of them wait until they have a signed contract before they hand them out. Calhoun thinks that's already too late. He hands out a generic version of his book to prospective clients. "It becomes not just an educational tool, but a marketing one, too." he explains. "No other builder in my area is doing this. The book brings about a credibility—everything is there in black and white—full disclosure." Since he started using the book seven years ago, he's noticed a marked change in his customers' attitudes, he says. The nature of their phone calls has gone from full panic to "I can't find my tub allowance on the sheet."

Greater Atlanta Home Builders association Gold Prefessionalism Award8 Time Winner of the Gold Professionalism Award

For the 8th time in eleven years, Calhoun Properties has won a Gold Professionalism Award from the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. A jury of professionals from across the country once again selected one of our homes as best in its class.

Testimonials of Calhoun Properties' Home Owners

"What could have been a very stressful and frustrating undertaking turned out to be quite a pleasure. we credit this in large part to you and your professional approach as a builder."

Cheryl and Sherman Wade

"I really Appreciate your attention to detail. It made me realize that the most important part of the process was coming together and being clear on exactly what was going to happen in the beginning so when it comes time to actually do the job, we can enjoy the experience."

Jim McClure

"Our new home is beautiful and well constructed. You have done everything we asked for and you have been a pleasure to work with. All our expectations were exceeded."

Elaine and Pete Miller