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Builder 20 Clubs

The Builder 20 Clubs are a unique networking and educational opportunity designed to help members maximize the benefit of their National Association of Home Builders membership. The clubs are comprised of similar type builders from non-competing markets who meet several times a year to share their wisdom and learn from each other ways to improve their operation, increase their bottom line and enhance their client's building experience. The members share and compare all business financial information, look for trouble spots and offer each other advice on how to increase their profit ratios and improve their performance.

Membership in the 20 Clubs gives us access to our personal "board of directors" who understand our business concerns. Each club consists of builders who build in the same volume range with similar operations. Groups are carefully assembled so that club members are from non-competing markets, and all members sign a confidentiality agreement. With your fellow 20 Club members, you'll experience the sort of open discussion you'll never have with the builder down the street.

Benefits of Builder 20 Club Membership:

  • See the results achieved by different management structures and styles
  • Experience immediate understanding in discussions with builders who have similar operations
  • Select meeting topics that are important to you
  • Share new ideas that are helping builders become mere efficient
  • Get benchmarks by comparing financial information with similar builders
  • Discuss how to improve customer service and marketing strategies
  • Call members of your club any time for advice or ideas
  • Retreat from the daily grind to work on long-term management goals with your own "board of directors"
  • Get advice on how to control costs and increase your margins
  • Identify new trends just as they are starting
  • Learn about new business opportunities and how to profit from them
  • Have ongoing access to the expertise and experience of other builders
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